The quality of the hosting service which you receive for your sites depends not only on the characteristics which a certain plan has, but also on the hardware your web applications run on. Increased CPU speeds, for instance, mean that the processes running on the web server will be performed more quickly, while additional physical memory (RAM) means that more processes can run concurrently. The grade of the hardware could also influence the overall performance and reliability of the server. Because the Internet hosting service nowadays features not only file storage, but also databases, e-mails, logs, etcetera, more processing power is necessary to run all the system processes and to ensure that they work correctly and with no lag. When the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slower Internet sites or even service timeouts since the machine will not be able to take care of all requests to the sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Hosting

In case you decide to get one of our cloud hosting packages, you will not have to be worried about the servers where your websites will be accommodated or about the deficiency of system resources. We take advantage of a state-of-the-art cloud platform and each service is managed by its own cluster of servers. Each and every machine within the clusters includes 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so regardless of the applications you plan to work with, they'll function at top speed at all times. We can always add more machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the disk space for our solutions is practically limitless. For improved performance, we take advantage of solid-state drives for the storage, which will boost the overall performance of your sites significantly. Because our servers are not only very powerful, but also redundant, you will not notice any downtime for any website which you host with us.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we offer include a lot of unlimited features for a reason - they are created on a top-notch cloud hosting platform that contains a lot of powerful servers. 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and SSD drives will provide you with the perfect hardware environment for your web applications and you'll never face a situation where the system resources are not enough - something that happens often with many other Internet hosting providers. All the hardware components are enterprise-level and are tested extensively before we use them so as to avoid any possible issues in the long run. Our cloud platform can be expanded by linking more servers to the cluster which needs them and considering the hardware every single machine features, you will not have to worry whether your websites will perform well or not. As no account is ever generated on just one server, there is no scenario where a few clients can use up all of the available resources.

24-core servers, hardware in VPS

If you get a virtual private server from our company, it will be generated on a powerful machine, so the system resources that are listed in the plan features on our Internet site shall be guaranteed all of the time. Every physical server includes multiple processors with a total of 24 cores and 64 gigabytes RAM. Due to the fact that our VPS solutions are scalable, we ensure that if all of the users on the server opt to upgrade, there will be enough resources, so you will be able to use what you have paid for all of the time. In addition, all of the physical servers contain solid-state drives which are considerably quicker than the common HDDs, so your Internet sites will operate at their top speed. The server setup is one of the primary reasons behind our service level warranties as we never make any kind of compromise regarding the hardware and you will always get the very best possible hosting service.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Hosting

If you want a lot of power for your Internet sites and you order one of our dedicated servers, you'll receive a setup with carefully tested parts which can handle a huge load. We offer servers with as many as 12 CPU cores combined with 16 GB RAM, so whatever the kind of sites you wish to host, you won't ever encounter any problems with the functionality as you will not share the resources with anyone else. If your sites do not need that much power, we have smaller packages as well, but the quality of the service will be the same. All machines come with Gbit network cards for fast access speeds to any content hosted on them. The 24/7 support crew in our US-based datacenter in Chicago, IL will ensure that your server functions at its top capabilities and in the event that any hardware issue appears, they can swap any part in no time.